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for Teachers

Benefit from regular student feedback, and see how you can improve the learning environment in your classroom.  Watch students you struggle to reach achieve like never before. Give yourself a pat on the back and share your reports with your principal to show her or him how good you are. We believe in supporting teachers, which is why Co-Pilot is free.


The Affordable, Research-based Assessment for Principals

Creating stakeholder surveys that provide actionable results is a science. Snapshot was created by experienced researchers, using data from hundreds of schools around the world, to give you a clear picture of what’s happening in your school. For as little as $499, you can measure the things that matter most and help your school track progress from year to year.


Powerful Analytics Tools for Superintendents

Implementing a district-wide assessment program requires a team skilled in education, analytics, change management, professional development. Let us guide you with robust data analysis, benchmarking, and professional development to exceed the expectation of your school board.

See What Millions of Students and Teachers Have Already Experienced!

Tetra’s tools have already given a voice to millions of students, parents and teachers!

Assessments That Make a Difference

Interested in using stakeholder feedback to inform school improvement?  Looking for valid, actionable data to improve instruction?
Learn how Tetra’s proprietary tools can provide you with the right information to inform school improvement. Based on 40 years of research, Tetra professionals have been using assessments to improve instruction for over 20 years.

Join the thousands of schools and millions of students and parents who have already benefitted from Tetra’s innovative assessment and feedback platform.

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