With so many data collection options, what makes Tetra Analytix stand out?

We Measure What Matters Most

The Four Conditions for Learning

After 40+ years of research with millions of students, teachers and parents, we have identified four critical conditions that predict academic achievement and other crucial school outcomes. As educators intentionally create the Conditions for Learning to a high level, students are 2-8x more likely to achieve the highest levels of academic excellence.

Clear Expectations

Skill Building

Student Recognition

Positive Relationships

These conditions account for 70% of academic achievement


more than socioeconomic factors


more than parent engagement


more than teacher qualifications


more than school resources

We back everything with the highest quality research.


Our team has over 40 years of experience in education research and innovation.

Large Data Set

Our data collection systems are based on responses from 15,149,030 students.This data set is one of the largest educational data sets in existence, which gives Tetra Analytix and its clients a unique advantage.

Effective Tools

Our tools are proven to effectively predict positive school outcomes, from improved academic performance in schools, to decreased absences and office discipline referrals.

Most data collection companies consist of technology experts who move into education.

We are education experts with cutting-edge technology tools.

90% of our staff consists of certified and experienced educators.

100% customer satisfaction

We Do More Than Collect Data

We Help You Convert it Into Action

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