Granger High School

In 2008, Granger High School was one of the most diverse and socio-economically challenged student bodies in the nation as well as one of the lowest performing comprehensive high schools in the state of Utah.  In 2009, as part of a school improvement grant, newly hired school leaders were tasked to address Granger High School’s academic underperformance.

Over the four project years, school leaders, with data as evidence, continued to see a noticeable change in the school environment; leading to remarkable success in student academics as well as student behavior.

At the end of the first project year, and for the first time in school history, Granger High School made “Adequate Yearly Progress” under NCLB; making significant improvement in all 39 demographic categories.  In every year of the project, Granger High School demonstrated growth on year-end state academic assessments, outperforming schools with students from similar and even higher socioeconomic backgrounds.

School violence and behavioral problems dramatically decreased over the project period as well.  For example:

  • The number of students suspended dropped by 60%
  • The number of class periods missed dropped by 70%
  • The number of fights decreased an incredible 88%, and
  • Graduation rates rose year after year, up by 16% at the end of the project

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