Greenwood Elementary

In 2011, Greenwood Elementary School was the lowest performing school in its district.  In response, the state of Utah identified Greenwood as a priority school and placed them on probation.

The new principal hired Tetra Analytix professionals to help faculty implement a school turnaround program.  Greenwood adopted Tetra’s proprietary school transformation program, and after only one year, made Adequate Yearly Progress under NCLB.

As part of Tetra’s school transformational program, effective Tier 2 interventions were designed for struggling students.  As a result, the number of chronically absent students decreased by 50%, teachers reported significant reductions in behavioral problems, and teachers and staff experienced an increase in collaboration and morale.

By the end of the 3-year program, there was sufficient increase in end-of-year testing results for Greenwood Elementary to lose its probationary status.  That increase also marked a dramatic jump in its district ranking.

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