Mound Fort Jr. High

Mound Fort Jr. High is an inner-city school in Ogden, Utah plagued with high rates of criminal activity, prolific gang activity, and low levels of academic achievement. Prior to its relationship with Tetra Analytix professionals, it posted the lowest average achievement test scores in the state, and one of the highest juvenile delinquency rates.

Tetra Analytix professionals were involved in a four-year school transformational project during which students at Mound Fort Jr. High improved their academic achievement by nearly one-half standard deviation, greater than average improvement, recorded an average improvement of more than one standard deviation on teacher ratings of social competence, and dramatically reduced incidents of antisocial behavior, including a

  • 69% reduction in fights and suspensions;
  • 77%; reduction in safe school violations;
  • 84% reduction in court referrals; and
  • 81% reduction in gang-related activities.

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