Rich Middle School

Rich Middle School, located in Western US, has gathered data on the conditions for learning, teaching, and community support for the last fifteen years.  During the 2002 school year, most areas of the school learning environment were perceived as typical.  That was when the school started using data describing the conditions for learning, teaching, and community support as a guide to school improvement.

Over the next several years, the data provided evidence that there were obvious and dramatic improvements in the school environment as perceived by all school stakeholders.  In addition, academic scores rose significantly.

During the 2003 school year, 74% of the 6th graders at the school passed the language arts CRT, which was just below what was expected for middle schools serving similar populations.  By the time these same students were in 8th grade, 97% of them passed; placing Rich Middle School way above their peers in academic performance, as well as making them the highest scoring school in the entire state.

It is clear that improving access to the conditions for learning in a single school can directly influence the academic performance of students in that school.

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