Chart Your Instructional Journey With Your Students as Your Co-Pilot

What is Co-Pilot?

Teachers know that despite their best efforts, some students fall behind.  And clues to solutions for these students can be hard to identify. Co-Pilot is a secure, anonymous, web-based student reporting system that lets your students tell you what is working in the classroom and what is missing. These student reports help teachers create instruction that results in students reaching academic and socio-emotional milestones. With convenient electronic reports updated weekly, teachers can constantly monitor the things that matter most.

Reduce Bullying

Bullying prevention research has shown that when students are equipped with skills to react appropriately to an act of aggression, bullying diminishes. With Co-Pilot teachers and administrators can more accurately locate where bullying takes place, and monitor how well their students employ appropriate social skills in confrontational situations.

Enhance Classroom Management

The most important product of a well-managed classroom is the classroom environment. Co-Pilot allows teachers to evaluate their classroom environments from their students’ perspectives, information that is even more impactful than adult observer feedback. These data are actionable and responsive, and help teachers to make a real difference for their students.

Excel Academically

Co-Pilot allows educators to evaluate how well their instruction is translating into student learning. Students report during which subjects they experience confusion, as well as what would help them to be more successful. And of course, Tetra Analytix experts are always happy to recommend powerful solutions that have been proven to help students excel.

Facilitate Collaboration

Co-Pilot data are truly collaboration-ready. As the ultimate common formative assessment, they provide valid data to inform collaborative decision-making. Every teacher can bring their own reports to the table, and teams can work together to improve Conditions for Learning in their classrooms.

Save Resources

We believe in teachers, and our goal is to provide teachers with powerful data and support to make a real difference for their students. Co-Pilot is a FREE resource for teachers.


Focus on What Matters Most: Your Teachers and Students

What is Snapshot?

Schools often try new programs and work to hire the best teachers, but get the same results year after year. Snapshot uses anonymous stakeholder survey data to guide education professionals toward ways to break this cycle. With Snapshot data, students, teachers, and parents can work together to create the necessary environment for real success.  The surveys take about 5 minutes to complete, and are conveniently completed using any Internet capable device. The reports are secure and accessible immediately after data collection is complete.  With Snapshot, there is no need to wait months to make a real difference.

Reduce Bullying

Snapshot evaluates essential Conditions for Learning across the school. When necessary Conditions for Learning exist, students feel safe at school, and bullying diminishes. Snapshot data provide actionable information for schools to use in preventing bullying.  l.

Excel Academically

When students have the necessary Conditions for Learning, they succeed at higher levels than students without those conditions. The good news? The cultivation of these Conditions is completely within the control of schools, allowing schools to overcome myriad risk factors. Snapshot allows schools to methodically monitor their success in creating these Conditions. And of course, schools using Snapshot are always welcome to reach out to Tetra’s school improvement experts for recommendations on ways to improve Conditions at their schools.  

Improve Teacher Retention

Snapshot allows school personnel to directly evaluate conditions for teaching within the school. Where these conditions exist, educators collaborate and instruct powerfully and students succeed. Snapshot provides actionable data to help teachers and administrators create necessary conditions for teachers to feel supported and successful.  

Save Resources

We respect the incredible things schools do with limited resources. Accordingly, we have priced Snapshot affordably for schools depending on school type. The cost of Snapshot access is dependent on the type of school (elementary, middle, secondary, or mixed model) purchasing an account, not on enrollment. Please contact us for more pricing information.

Move Beyond Compliance

Snapshot allows schools and districts to collect stakeholder feedback data that are reliable and rigorously validated. Each item in Snapshot is continually refined to maximize predictive value, which means you won’t just collect the data, but you can make decisions confidently in response to your data. And of course, Tetra Analytix experts are always thrilled to help you interpret reports and make sound decisions.


Prevent Bullying And Improve Student Behavior With Sidekick

What is Sidekick?

Bullying disrupts the learning and wellbeing of millions of students each year. The first step to addressing this issue is understanding how bullying happens at your school. Sidekick helps you to understand the bullying activities happening at your school, along with their frequency and location. Sidekick also helps school personnel to understand deficits in the social skills of victims and bystanders. Armed with this information, school personnel can be the real heroes for students impacted by bullying by teaching them how to effectively respond to bullying situations. You’re the real hero, we’re just the Sidekick.

Prevent Bullying

Sidekick is the leading tool for identifying risk factors that increase the likelihood of bullying prevalence. This powerful data system allows you to understand what victimization issues currently exist at your school, and how well students are equipped to respond in a bullying situation.

Improve Learning Environments

Where students feel safe, students succeed. Sidekick provides actionable data that allow you to understand current bullying and act to prevent it in the future.

Save Resources

Sustainable solutions require financial viability. With Sidekick, you get the most for your money. In addition to affordable data collection, Tetra Analytix experts are ready to help you interpret your reports and make sound decisions in response to your data.  

Move Beyond Compliance

Sidekick allows you to meet your state or district’s requirements for tracking and addressing bullying and victimization issues. But simply knowing there is a concern is not enough. Sidekick provides actionable data to help you move beyond compliance into making sustainable, systematic improvements.


Improve Your Out-of-School Time (OST) Programs With Impact

What is Impact?

Impact is a secure and anonymous, web-based reporting system designed to provide actionable feedback to Out-of-School Time (OST) programs. In less than two minutes each week, youth members can tell you what is working in the program and what isn’t. Using Impact, youth members report on the presence or absence of program strategies/events that are necessary to creating successful program environments. Armed with this information, you can have maximum Impact for your members.

Get Efficient Feedback

Impact allows afterschool and community programs to evaluate their effectiveness from the perspectives of those they serve. Every youth member (ages 9+) can participate on any Internet-capable device. With weekly feedback, your organization will have the most powerful data in youth programming.

Help Youth Excel

Impact empowers youth members by sharing improvement responsibilities with them. This shared responsibility connects youth and staff in a profound way. With weekly updated reports, Impact helps staff to focus on what they can change. Focused staff efforts will have the greatest impact on youth members and help improve attendance, foster friendships among youth members, and help members and staff enjoy in your program.

Save Resources

We respect the tremendous work that OST programs accomplish with limited resources. Because of this, we have priced Impact affordably so that it costs less than one annual evaluation. With actionable data along the way, Impact is an easy choice for youth programming staff.

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